Historic Win for Aged Care – Increased Pay

A milestone wage boost for aged care workers: a game-changer for the industry 

We’re thrilled to share ground breaking news that’s set to transform the aged care sector: after years of advocacy, aged care workers have secured a historic pay rise, with some receiving increases of up to 28.5 percent. This monumental decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) represents a crucial step forward in acknowledging the indispensable efforts of aged care workers and addressing longstanding issues of undervaluation and underpayment. 

The journey towards this victory began in November 2020 when the Health Services Union (HSU) filed a work value case with the FWC, advocating for a 25 percent increase in wages for all employees. The commission’s determination, rooted in acknowledging historical gender biases and the increasing intricacy of aged care responsibilities, has led to a significant salary increase benefiting over 100,000 workers within the sector. 

Direct care employees, such as nursing assistants, are set to receive significant raises, with increases ranging from 17.9 to 28.5 percent, while support service workers can anticipate a 6.8 percent boost. This momentous decision not only addresses the long-standing issue of wage disparity in aged care but also signals a pivotal shift towards fostering respect and dignity within aged care facilities, according to HSU national president Gerard Hayes. 

This wage increase holds profound implications beyond just the workforce, particularly concerning the quality of care offered to elderly Australians. By guaranteeing equitable compensation and acknowledgment for aged care workers, we’re embarking on a vital journey towards fortifying and ensuring the sustainability of the aged care sector. 

As we celebrate this historic win, we’re reminded of the importance of supporting initiatives that promote respect, dignity, and fair treatment for all workers. We’re committed to empowering individuals through all our courses however we take note to ensure special care with our CHC33021 – Certificate III in Individual Support (Dual specialisation: Aged Care & Disability) , providing the practical skills and knowledge needed to excel in roles within the aged care sector.