Student Services

At Federation Academy we offer students and staff a range of helpful services, from access for students with disabilities, counselling and academic support, to budgeting and health services. These services are confidential, professional and are no cost to students if provided by Federation Academy staff, however if external services for any of the above services are sought, there would be a cost associated with it. Please check with your Student Services Officer

Available Support Services:

Starting a new career or an academic journey can be an exciting experience. Students travelling from interstate/intercity may find seeking living arrangements as a difficult task. There are a range of options to consider – you can either live alone or in shared housing with other students/people. Brisbane has numerous accommodation providers to choose from and Federation Academy can help students access their accommodation requirements. Please contact us for further details on accommodation providers.

The student counselling service is designed to assist students in dealing with a wide range of issues that may include – homesickness, managing stress, handling conflicts, emotional issues, improving motivation, enhancing study skills, organising study time and any other difficulty that students may be going through. The nominated Federation Academy student services officer can provide counselling services or can recommend that the student may need to seek professional counselling assistance through a qualified and approved practitioner to help resolve the issues being experienced.

Federation Academy employs professional trainers who are there to assist you throughout your training program. The trainer can help to clarify your ideas, encourage you to meet your assessment deadlines and to learn the skills you require within your chosen study field. Your trainer will provide helpful feedback on each of your assignments. For any academic support and assistance please contact your designated trainer and/or the Academic Coordinator either by contacting the campus or by email:

All students with disability are entitled to engaging learning programs and Federation Academy addresses the individual learning needs of each student. Our trainers cater for the diverse needs of students with a disability to personalise their learning journey. If we are unable to provide the required support, we will then refer the student to another professional to solve any further issues. Please contact student support services for details:

Students are requested to update Federation Academy of their next to kin as a part of the application process in the case of an emergency. Student are encouraged to share their current health status with their trainer or student services staff member, which is highly confidential. This is only accessed in the event of an health/medical emergency. For example, allergies, mental health, serious medical conditions, etc. For further details, please contact student support services at

At Federation Academy, we offer a range of resources that the students may access for study and referencing purposes. Classes are collaboratively designed to encourage students to interact in group study and engage in discussion to solve problems.  Please refer to student support services for any further details:

Federation Academy can provide training, support and resources to ensure students have the confidence to seek employment themselves using both traditional and non-traditional approaches. Staff at Federation Academy can help you to clarify important career issues, assist you with your career decisions and provide services to support you to build your career. Please contact:

At Federation Academy you may be eligible for a Payment Plan which enables you to pay your fees in monthly instalments. Students are required to pay their tuition fees by the due date as shown on their invoice. If you are unable to pay your fees by the due date and may be experiencing genuine financial hardship, it is important to contact the Student Services Officer to negotiate a revised payment . All payment plans will be documented in writing within the individual Student Agreement.

More details for International Students

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