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SIT40416 – Certificate IV in Hospitality




78 weeks (Incl Holidays)

Course Code



Domestic Students

Course Overview:

This qualification reflects the role of skilled operators who use a broad range of hospitality service, sales or operational skills combined with supervisory skills and sound knowledge of industry operations to plan, monitor and evaluate the work of team members. They operate independently or with limited guidance from others, and use discretion to solve non-routine problems.

Course Structure:

Total number of units = 21 (9 core units and 12 elective units)

SITXFSA001  Use hygienic practices for food safety (Elective)
 Provide responsible service of alcohol (Elective)
SITHFAB016  Provide advice on food (Elective)
SITXFSA002  Participate in safe food handling practices (Elective)
SITHFAB004  Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages (Elective)
SITHFAB005  Prepare and serve espresso coffee (Elective)
SITHFAB003  Operate a bar (Elective)
SITHFAB001  Clean and tidy bar areas (Elective)
SITHIND002  Source and use information on the hospitality industry (Elective)
SITXHRM001  Coach others in job skills (Core)
BSBWOR203  Work effectively with others (Elective)
SITHIND004  Work effectively in hospitality service (Core)
BSBDIV501  Manage diversity in the workplace (Core)
SITXCCS007  Enhance customer service experiences (Core)
SITXCOM005  Manage conflict (Core)
SITXFIN003  Manage finances within a budget (Core)
SITXHRM003  Lead and manage people (Core)
SITXMGT001  Monitor work operations (Core)
SITXWHS003  Implement and monitor work health and safety practices (Core)
SITXHRM002  Roster staff (Elective)

Please contact for a detailed ”Training & Assessment Strategy” document.

Entry Requirements:

Students entering SIT40416 – Certificate IV in Hospitality must meet the following
entry requirements:

  • A candidate must be a minimum age of 18 years at the time of course
  • Submit copy of Australian Year 12 or equivalent qualification or AQF
    Certificate III or higher
  • Mature age students without a Year 12 / Certificate III qualification will have to
    successfully complete a Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) test AND
  • Have a minimum of 2+ years’ experience in any field
  • Ability to independently use & operate a computer / laptop.
  • Knowledge of basic use of office applications.
  • Students may also need to have access to a computer & internet services
    outside class hours.
  • Must be physically fit to undertake hospitality tasks and responsibilities as
    required by the course units.
  • No food or other allergies.
  • Student with specific personal / religious beliefs in terms of food products may
    need to consider their enrolment.
  • Attend an interview (face to face / phone / skype)

Career Pathways:

  • Bar supervisor or team leader
  • Duty manager
  • Food and beverage supervisor or team leader
  • Shift manager

Work Based Training (WBT)

The Workplace unit SITHIND004 – Work effectively in hospitality services is a
practicum and must be undertaken in a real industry workplace that provides
effective hospitality service to customers during live service periods. Students
are encouraged to seek their own practical placement opportunity. The
student may already be in suitable employment or alternatively Federation
Academy will assist with a suitable practical placement. Work based training
placements are designed to ensure that all required service
periods/occasions specified in unit SITHIND004 – Work effectively in hospitality
services are covered integrate a range of individual technical skills with
numerous sales, service or operational hospitality tasks simultaneously to meet
the needs of multiple and diverse customers. It incorporates preparation,
service and end of service tasks.

A logbook will be issued for SITHIND004 – Work effectively in hospitality services
and each student will be required to complete a minimum 36 service periods
(shifts). A service period consists of breakfast, lunch or dinner with a minimum
of four (4) hours and maximum of six (6) hours. If a service period exceeds a
maximum of 6 hours, then it is classified as 2 service periods. A minimum of 144
hours of work-based training must be completed. This is recorded in the WBT
logbook issued to students and signed by the immediate supervisor of the
business operation.

Prior to placing students into a workplace Federation Academy will assess the
suitability of the business operation for work-based training. This is to ensure
that the workplace has the assessment conditions, as specified in the training
package, necessary for students to effectively demonstrate the required skills.
In the event the workplace does not meet all of the requirements for
assessment purposes Federation Academy will make alternative assessment
arrangements with the student.

Once a workplace is deemed appropriate a formal agreement will be entered
into with the establishment. This involves the business operation accepting
Federation Academy student/s for work placement. The formal agreement will
specify the number of shifts the student is required to complete, the type of
shifts available along with the guidelines relevant to employer, student and
Federation Academy. Formal guidelines are developed to ensure all unit and
course requirements are addressed.

When undertaking WBT students will have in possession a student guide for WBT
that includes information on how to complete the WBT logbook, copy of the
practical placement agreement/guidelines and assessment tasks. Students
undertaking practical placement in a workplace will follow timing and uniform
requirements according to the workplace’s standards.

The Hospitality trainer will visit each student on placement a minimum of once
every 4 weeks to ensure positive progression. The Hospitality trainer will discuss
the progress of the student with their direct workplace supervisor. In addition
to this the Hospitality trainer will check to ensure logbooks are completed to
the required standard and that the student is being given training as per
workplace agreement.


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